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Plum Village Retreat: The Happiest Week Of My Life

Plum Village Retreat: The Happiest Week Of My Life

In this post, I talk about the retreat I experienced when I was 15. Forced to go by my mother, it ended up being one of the best gifts she ever gave me.

Life is a mirror - A man seeing his reflect on a lake

Life Is A Mirror Reflecting Our Inner World

On my journey of personal growth, I've learned that life is a by-product of what we hold in mind. Here's one of my deepest article, supported by timeless wisdoms from East and West.

A statue sculpting itself - representing working on yourself -

Working On Yourself Is The Most Important Work

In society, our job consumes a lot of time and energy, but is it really our most important work? I don't buy it. In this article, I explore what I think truly matters: working on yourself.

Mental Clarity Mastery: My Journey To Razor Sharp Thinking

My personal exploration into achieving mental clarity in an age of relentless noise. It contains all the practices that have sharpened my thinking and simplified my life.

The power of belief -

The Power of Belief: How Your Mindset Shapes Your World

Our beliefs have a critical influence on every sphere of our lives. Let's take a look at the power of beliefs, how to identify them and upgrade them to get better outcomes from life.

luck surface area blog image

Luck Surface Area VS Risk Surface Area

The luck surface area is a powerful concept. It tells us we can directly control our luck by doing certain things. But there's also the opposite, the risk surface area or problems surface area. Let's dive in these concepts and how to master them.

ideal day illustration brenel-io

Your Ideal Day: How To Define It And Why It Matters (A Lot)

Defining your ideal day is defining your vision. A vision is mandatory to escape the by-default autopilot life. By designing your ideal day, you gain clarity, purpose and fulfillment. Let's dive in.

How to grow as a person - blog image - brenel-io

How To Grow As A Person: 6 No-Fluff Steps To Real Change

We're designed to grow as a person. Yet, it's getting more and more difficult in a world full of distractions. Here's a 6-step action plan to achieve self growth, feel aligned with yourself and live a more fulfilling life.

The ultimate one bag travel packing list - blog image - brenelio blog

The Ultimate One Bag Travel Packing List 3.0

After countless hours of research, tests, errors and great findings, here's the one bag travel packing list I wish I had when I first traveled.

Quit the news - blogpost by damien brenelière

Why You Should Quit The News

More and more people know that the news sucks. Yet many continue to tune in, unaware of the mental and emotional consequences. This article reveals the urgent reasons to turn off the news, and what you win when quitting.

Create More, Consume Less. Feel Alive - blog image

Create More, Consume Less, Feel Alive

In a world where most people spend their time consuming looking for instant gratification, creating is more than ever an answer to living a more intentional and fulfilling life. Let's explore the super benefits of creation in our lives.

life changing non fiction books -

The 7 Most Life Changing Non Fiction Books I've Ever Read

It's been a while since I wanted to share the most life-changing non-fiction books that have profoundly impacted my life. Some of them are pure classics, and some are more exotic.

less is better | DBrenel | a cloud in the sky

Less Is Better: 7 Reasons of Choosing Less

The "Less is Better" philosophy is getting more and more adopted in the trendiest spheres of modern societies. Find out the 7 reasons why it's great and why it's growing fast.

Why everyone should go to therapy | a man discussing with his therapist

Why Everyone Should Go To Therapy

Let's see the 8 most compelling reasons why everyone should go to therapy and the 6 top excuses people have to avoid taking the plunge.

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